Support the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program

Your gift supporting the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program will help us continue to provide scholarships, administrative and educational program support, and maintain a statewide network of partner organizations and volunteers dedicated to the Wisconsin Master Naturalist mission.

How to Give

The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin has set up a fund for the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program and offers three methods of giving:

    1. Donate online, via the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin website. Make sure to select “Wisconsin Master Naturalist” under the designation field drop-down menu.

    2. Call the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, toll-free at (866) 264-4096.

    3. Send a check payable to the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, denoting “Wisconsin Master Naturalist” in the memo line:
Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 2317
Madison, WI 53701
Why Give?

The goals of the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program are to increase the understanding of Wisconsin's natural resources and to establish a network of dedicated volunteers to provide conservation service in their communities. Why should you support this effort?

  • Help increase our understanding of the natural world: Increasing natural resources literacy by providing science-based educational opportunities for adults has growing importance as we face the challenges of sustainability. Our nation, our state, and our communities need to have decision makers, from private citizens to public officials, be well informed about natural resources and environmental issues. The state-mandated Wisconsin Environmental Education Board calls for "...the development of learning opportunities that empower Wisconsin citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to make wise environmental decisions and take responsible actions in their personal lives, workplaces and communities." Yet, opportunities for science-based, adult education specific to Wisconsin’s natural resources are severely lacking. Not only is it important for Wisconsinites to know more about our natural resources, we also need to be actively involved in conservation efforts.
  • Support organizations statewide: Environmental education organizations and land/water management agencies throughout the state want to engage and retain volunteers to help with education, interpretation, and conservation management tasks. They have expressed the need for a statewide standard for volunteer training and for more trained volunteers to provide education, stewardship and citizen science services at their centers, in schools, and on public lands.
  • Provide and support knowledgable volunteers:Supporting and retaining volunteers can be a challenge. Investing in volunteers demands resources that most environmental education organizations and natural resources agencies are unable deliver. In 2005, Wisconsin natural resources educators identified what they needed to work more effectively with volunteers: Consistent volunteer training with sustainability; quality assurance; a credible, consistent curriculum; infrastructure for volunteer recruitment, recognition, training, and retention; and staff support or train the trainer opportunities. These are exactly the types of resources that the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program provides to engage, nurture, and retain volunteers.

Thank you for your consideration and your support!