Host Organizations

A Wisconsin Master Naturalist (WIMN) host organization can be any environmental education organization that trains or wants to train volunteers to provide education, stewardship or citizen science services in Wisconsin. If you are an administrator or staff person of such an organization, consider hosting a WIMN Volunteer Training Course at your facility.

Why become a WIMN host organization?

The WIMN program offers support for training, engaging, and retaining volunteers, including:

  • A broad base for participation;
  • Consistent, quality training and a solid curriculum;
  • Ongoing training opportunities for volunteers;
  • Statewide infrastructure of support;
  • A Statewide network linking volunteers, instructors, organizations, and state natural resources experts;
  • Statewide recognition for volunteer service;
  • Statewide standards of achievement for volunteers; and
  • Website tools for matching volunteers with service needs.

How does my affiliate become a host organization?

Step 1: Learn about the program training opportunities and website resources by touring this website. Talk with administrators at host organizations in your region and/or contact Becky Sapper, Director, at 715-685-2652.

Step 2: Choose at least one, preferably two, staff members to become instructors. Before teaching the course, they must take the WIMN Instructor Training Course. Read more...

Step 3:  Finally, check the Upcoming Instructor Courses for course availability.  Once you choose a course, you'll complete an Instructor Training Application to start the process.

Your organization should: 1) be willing to send you to the WIMN Instructor Training Course and pay the related fee, travel, and lodging costs; 2) host a WIMN Volunteer Training Course within a year after the training; 3) understand that the WIMN Office will not pay instructors or guest experts to participate in the Volunteer Training Course and will not cover fees related to parking, entrance fees, guides, or meeting space for the Volunteer Training Courses or field trips; and 4) be aware that they will receive $50 per enrolled Volunteer Training Course participant.

Application approvals are based on the qualifications of the applicant, suitability of the host organization to provide training needs, and geographic considerations of the statewide program. Applicants will be notified of acceptance via email.

Step 4: Once the host organization has trained WIMN instructors prepared and ready, a Volunteer Training  Course can be scheduled at your facility.