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Wisconsin's citizens want to learn more about the state’s wealth of natural resources. In the past, natural resources administrators, scientists, and educators recognized that the state lacked a coordinated infrastructure to efficiently provide volunteer training, information, resources, and support. So they joined together to develop the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Program (WIMN). They asked the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Environmental Resources Center to take the lead in developing and implementing the program.


Many of Wisconsin’s citizens are fascinated with nature and enjoy learning about the natural world. WIMN volunteers want know more about the state’s natural resources, but also want to share that knowledge with others and/or support conservation through stewardship and citizen science efforts. Master naturalist volunteers are motivated, fun, and interesting people from all walks of life - including teachers, retirees, nature guides, hunters, and farmers.

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The WIMN program trains adult volunteers about Wisconsin's natural resources, teaches them how to educate others, and provides opportunities to participate in conservation projects. Your organization can offer a 40-hour WIN Volunteer Training Course by sending a staff member to attend an Instructor Training Course.

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Host Organizations

Wisconsin is blessed with a wide variety of organizations that provide environmental education and conservation management services throughout the state. A Host Organization is a group that partners with the WIMN program by offering the Volunteer Training Course at its facility. Any organization that provides environmental education or service opportunities for the general public - such as government agencies; nature centers; state, county, or municipal parks; museums; or zoos - may become host organizations.

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Statewide Program Office

The UW-Extension’s Environmental Resources Center has worked closely with project partners to develop the WIMN program and manages all aspects of program administration and delivery.

Becky Sapper, Program Director  715-685-2652

Astrid Newenhouse, Program Coordinator  608-262-2635

Martha Martin, Office Support   608-262-0020

WI Master Naturalist Program
Environmental Resources Center
University of Wisconsin
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